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Galu Holidays

Galu holidays are ideal to enjoy relaxing vacations. Located south of Mombasa on the eastern coast of Kenya, Galu beach is one of the best coastal resorts in Africa. Tranquil ocean waters, beautiful landscape, and tropical sunshine complement the serenity of Galu beach holidays. The underwater heritage and exotic attractions nearby also add to the charm of Galu holidays.

The long soft sandy beach is the major tourist attraction to visit during Galu holidays. The turquoise and warm waters of the Indian Ocean offer ample scope to enjoy a wide array of water sports whilst on Galu beach holidays. Accommodation options are varied suitable for all kinds of tourists. Food and dining options during Galu holidays offer a synthesis of India, African, and European culinary traditions. The natural lagoon off the coast is not only a visual retreat, but also the most suitable for active holidays. The vibrant city of Mombasa is an hour-drive from the beach and a great place to witness traditional and colorful Kenyan life whilst on Galu holidays.

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