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Funchal Holidays

Funchal holidays take place in the capital city of Madeira Autonomous Region in Portugal. Holidays in Funchal boast of being part of the most populated city away from Portugal mainland. Funchal holidays offer the flexibility of visiting many cities of the region. Funchal’s unique location makes it a natural geographical bowl shaped like an amphitheatre. The city has many parks, restaurants, hotels and shops. Funchal gets its name from fennel or 'funcho' that grows in plenty here. Funchal has been the capital of Madeira for five centuries.

Fascinating Funchal

Funchal holidays are set in the 500 years old city that houses more than two thirds of the population of Madeira. Stunning and magnificent mountains form the backdrop of this beautiful city set in a deep natural harbour, making holidays in Funchal a memorable experience. Exotic tropical vegetation, gardens and 16th century cobbled streets make Funchal a beautiful place. The city is divided into three areas – the housing and marina, business district in the historic downtown, Lido the main tourist centre and residential areas among the hills. Lido area houses hotels, restaurants, shops and also a seafront promenade fringed with palm trees and gardens. There is a black pebble beach at a distance of 10 minutes from Funchal in Praia Formosa. Funchal holidays provide ample avenues for sunbathing and swimming.

Funchal holidays let you be in a fascinating city on the south-eastern coast of Portugal. Funchal has a very good climate throughout the year; hence holidays in Funchal are quite popular. Funchal holidays can be planned at any time round the year.

General Etiquette in Funchal

Funchal locals are very good natured and well mannered. English is widely spoken and rarely would there be any language problem during Funchal holidays. Even then French can come to the rescue of the linguistically challenged tourists. Spanish is generally not preferred and is best avoided. Tipping is a natural phenomenon here since service charge is not added to final bill. A 10% tip is expected but again, tourists have discretion. Speaking in Portuguese language can surely win you some brownie points during your Funchal holidays.

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