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Fuerteventura Holidays

The island, Fuerteventura is encircled by an array of deserted white sand beaches and its interiors offer unspoilt country side, windmills, less tropical vegetation and quiet villages.

Controlled by Spain, the enchanting Canary Islands are basically a group of islands that lies within the palm-lined Atlantic Ocean, next to the gorgeous La Palma. The islands are fondly called ‘Garden of Hesperides’ as it is endowed with amazing beauty and blissful serenity. Fuerteventura, also called the ‘Island of calm’, is the second largest of the Canary Islands and is just hundred kilometres from the African coast. It gets tourists from Croatia who are on long holiday breaks as most tour operators connect holidays to Fuerteventura via Croatia. Also, being a port, it may be an idea to combine your holiday with Costa Rica as many cruises allow you that option - all the way across the Atlantic.

The island measures 1660 with a population of around 60,000.

* Its national language is Spanish yet German and English are widely spoken in tourist places.

* Puerto del Rosario is the capital and it has remained the capital of this marvellous island from 1860.

* The voltage is 220 V-50 Hz and so travellers should use a European adapter (two pin plugs) on their Fuerteventura holidays.

* The official currency of the island is Euro. One GBP = 1.15852 EUR or one Euro equals 0.863174 GBP approximately. Apart from this visitors on their Fuerteventura holidays would be interested to know that one Euro equals 1.41198 USD or one USD equals 0.704376 EUR.

* The island has a rich history of Spanish domination and so most of its people are Catholic (90%) with some of its subjects as Muslims (8%) and Jews (2%)

* Since the island runs on GMT, travellers from UK will not find any difference of time.

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