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France Getting there and around

Rail transport is an enjoyable delight as the trains are generally punctual, cheap and very comfortable. Its state rail network SNCF covers almost all parts of the country and it is of no wonder that these fast and sleek trains can easily compete with air travel. Apart from these modern trains, the state network has minitrains for travelling towards rural areas. If you want to hire a car, care has to be exercised for British drivers at first for directions but road rules remain the same. The most important rule to know while you are driving a car is to drive from the right side and it is mandatory to wear seat belt front and back.

Even though France has a well developed highway system, the French government encourages its citizens to go by train as there is no national bus system in the country. And since the country is devoid of any national bus system it would be impossible for travellers on their France holidays to travel between different regions of France. Still buses are used for less distance travel and they are generally infrequent and slow. The Country’s high speed train, TGV is used by people who qualify for some discounts such as ‘Under 26’ for students and teachers who aged over 60.

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