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France Holidays

With the huge influx of travellers every year it is of no surprise that France remains one of the most lively and beautiful travel destinations in the western world.

It spreads across 551,000 sq. km and being the largest country in Western Europe, it accounts for 12.9% of the European Union’s population. Since the French Republic declared itself as a secular state, it has assimilated faiths of all religions. Most of the people believe in Roman Catholic (83-88%) and the state also represents minorities such as Muslims (5%-10%), Protestants (2%) Jewish (1%) and other religious faiths. One of main land Europe's most character filled places, France lies South of UK, North East of Spain, West of Croatia and Northwest of Italy. France has good sea connections with holiday destinations like Fuerteventura, Costa Rica, La Palma and South Africa. Custom cruises can make France a very sough-after stop over.

French is widely spoken throughout France but some regional languages such as Alsace, Basque, Corsica and Brittany are spoken by minorities. As for other languages, English and Spanish are generally taught in French schools as secondary foreign languages.

For many centuries holidays to France were believed to be luxurious and the upper class people from Great Britain and America thought that a journey to France should be a part of every young person's education. But nowadays the France holidays have become more accessible and less expensive. Economy air travel and cheap accommodation facilities have made it possible to take a trip to France on a shoe string budget.

The official currency of France is the widely used Euro and it comes in denominations of €100, €50, €20, €10 and €5. One Euro is worth around 1.37888 USD and one USD equals 0.725227 EUR. For UK travellers on their France holidays, One Euro is around 0.873340 United Kingdom Pound.

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