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Fogo Holidays

If you are looking for an incredible holiday destination, look no further. The charming island of Fogo offers you the best holiday experience ever. The incredible volcanic island of Fogo is interspersed between the Santiago and Brava islands. The island’s scenic location makes Fogo holidays the favourite for tourists. Boasting some of the most active volcanoes, Fogo looks like a replica of a painter’s masterpiece. Holidays in Fogo offer you the opportunity to watch the bliss and agony of nature at its best. With so much excitement and thrill on offer, you would not regret your decision to go for Fogo holidays.

Boasting to be the fourth largest island in Cape Verde, Fogo is an enlivening island, full of life and nature, with intermittent volcanic eruptions making Fogo holidays the choice for tourists. An island full of natural beauty and fury, Fogo offers nothing less than an enchanting trip and unforgettable experience. The natural charm and beauty of this island, studded with dark rocks, attractive craters, black sand and eye-catching volcanoes, are enough to draw tourists to this mesmerising island. Holidays in Fogo offer you the opportunity to blend with nature and admire its enchanting beauty. Blessed with a unique landscape, interspersed with natural extremes, Fogo is a volcano-turned island.

Rising steeply from the Atlantic Ocean, Fogo stands amid clouds of lava and ash. Replete with dark lava flows, woods of eucalyptus, volcanic crater-turned valleys brimming with coffee and vine plantations, the picturesque Fogo is a treat to explore. Fogo holidays offer you the opportunity to explore this natural aura. Make the most of your Fogo holidays traversing through the rugged volcanic terrain, sagging craters, bountiful coffee and vine plantations.

Fogo Holiday Etiquette

The inhabitants of Fogo expect tourists to respect their culture and protect their natural assets. Tourists spending holidays in Fogo should refrain from unwanted activities in areas reserved as natural habits. It is not mandatory to tip waiters, but any kind of tipping is highly appreciated in Fogo.

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