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Foca Holidays

Foca is situated on the beautiful Aegean coast in western Turkey. The holiday resort at Foca is a spectacular beach holiday destination as well as a perfect base for exploring the rich history and heritage of Turkey.

The village resort of Foca is located on a headland along the mouth of the glistening Gulf of Izmir. The rich heritage of Foca makes it a perfect base for unearthing the cultural and historical treasures of the land. Moreover, the stunning beaches of Foca also make it suitable for romantic getaways and family vacations. The virgin sands and glorious sunsets of Foca will surely win your hear over.

The winding cobbled lanes of the village along with the quaint classical architecture of the houses and buildings lend a nostalgic air to Foca. The palm-lined streets and bustling squares present another face of Foca. The local people are quiet friendly and warm with a great sense of hospitality to be extended towards guests.

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