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Florida Holidays

Florida holidays are the best when it comes to lots of sunshine, beaches, forests and springs. The relaxed atmosphere of the Sunshine state along with a barrage of wacky and delightful attractions enhances your dream holidays to Florida. Surrounded by endless shorelines, guests planning Florida holidays would have an endless list of natural wonders and manmade attractions to visit.

Florida is made up of a panhandle extending along the northern Gulf of Mexico. The north side is bordered by Alabama and Georgia. Guests can extend their Florida holidays to the Caribbean with Bahamas, Cuba holidays and Haiti situated nearby. Caribbean destination Antigua lies to the south east of Florida.

During their holidays to Florida, travellers would find its terrain laden with a varied collection of islands, swamps, springs, marshes and hundreds of small rivers, lakes and ponds. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León ‘discovered’ Florida in 1513 even though Native Americans had been living there for more than thousands of years. The land was christened Pascua Florida for the Easter Feast of Flowers. Florida always had a feel of separateness from the other states due to geography till one Mr Henry Flagler constructed a railroad that linked the east coast of Florida with the rest of the country. This had a major impact on tourism and slowly many came for holidays to Florida. In the 1960’s, Florida became home to the Kennedy Space Center. The real development of Florida was witnessed with the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, which opened doors to millions of jobs as well as international tourists coming to experience the magic of Florida holidays.

The population of Florida stood at 18,328,340 in 2008 with people from diverse ancestries and races. It is home to African-Americans (14.6%), Germans (11.8%), Irish (10.3%), English (9.2%) and Americans (8%) along with others. Religiously, Florida is mostly Protestant along with a growing Roman Catholic community. The chief language is English. Exchange rates for U.S. is 1 GBP = 1.51 USD.

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