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Flores Culture and Festivals

Popular folklore on the island has always found expression in the songs and dances of its residents despite Flores being isolated from all Azorean islands except Corvo.

Important forms include Rapateia, Chamarrita, Rema, Ciranda and others that enliven their festivals.

Festivals include

S.Joao in Santa Cruz (End of June).

Festa de Emigrante in Lajes with engrossing musical and cultural events (Mid July).

Santa Cruz festival is celebrated in August for two days and people decorate the streets with beautiful arches in honour of the Holy Ghost.

The Lady of Flores fest is also celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Christmas on the island is celebrated with nativity scenes, and is a somewhat sober affair.

Handicrafts – Its people are skillful at fine lace work and delicate embroidery, while Rafia and wicker work are also interesting examples of local handicrafts.

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