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Flores Attractions and Activities

The island of Flores is an extraordinary destination with several superb lakes, towering cliffs, pastures and waterfalls. Hydrangeas add brilliant hues to this remarkably colourful place and breathtaking beauty abounds everywhere. Pictures fail to do it justice and adjectives fall short in conveying the sense of amazement that visitors on Flores holidays feel.

Rocha dos Bordoes – These wonderful geological formations appropriately called “organ pipes” were formed by basalt solidification above ‘Mosteiro’ village on the island’s west coast and are recommended on Flores holidays.

Santa Cruz is a pleasant village on its east coast and has natural rock pools, snack bars and narrow streets. The perfect base to venture on an island exploration, tourists on Flores holidays can also experience boat tours from its harbour or take a taxi tour. When the weather is favourable in summers, tourists on holidays to Flores enjoy boat rides to neighbouring Corvo.

Fajã Grande is the westernmost European village with a population of just over 200 people and the termination of two exciting marked trails that trekkers on holidays to Flores enjoy!

Monchique Islet – It lies west of Fajã Grande and many people on Flores holidays visit Europe’s westernmost extremity that was once of great importance to sailors.

Morro Alto, Burrinha andSete Pés are the island’s highest peaks.

Flores is a volcanic island and many of its inactive volcanoes have calderas or crater lakes. Lagoa Funda caldera is considered by many to be the most spectacular and is a major attraction on Flores holidays.

Fajãzinha is a town bounded by the ocean with picturesque ruins and simple folk who raise cattle. Visitors on holidays to Flores are mesmerised by the 300 meter Ribeira Grande waterfall nearby that descends on the distant coast below and is a very photogenic spot.

Águas Quentes are hot sulphur springs and popular on island tours. It has 20 or so waterfalls, and ‘Poço de Bacalhau’ is a fine codfish pool where travellers on Flores holidays relax in pleasant rustic surroundings after a strenuous walk enjoying the island’s various natural treasures.

The town of Lajes located in the southern part of the island is a pretty place with nice green fields and people on Flores holidays also visit the church and a chapel that was built by grateful Spanish noblemen long ago.

Various island churches much frequented by visitors include Fajã Grande, Caveira and Ponta Delgada among others.

Gruta de Enxaréus is a huge cavern on the island and is one of several in the Archipelago that are quite popular among adventurous explorers keen to discover the island’s varied terrain.

Alagoa Bay is a beautiful cluster of peninsulas and islets and is a fine place to visit on Flores holidays.

Madeira Seca hill offers views of Lajes valley and is easy to climb.

Almost the entire island is home to a number of spots, each more beautiful that the last and it’s no wonder that tourists enjoy memorable stays on Flores.

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