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Flores Holidays

The island of Flores is an extraordinary destination with several superb lakes, towering cliffs, pastures and waterfalls. Hydrangeas add brilliant hues to this remarkably colourful place and breathtaking beauty abounds everywhere. Pictures fail to do it justice and adjectives fall short in conveying the sense of amazement that visitors on Flores holidays feel.

The island of Flores is a beautiful tourist destination in the Azores Islands, next to Terceira, north east of The Dominican Republic and has several natural attractions that include peaks and lakes, craters and waterfalls and cheap Flores holidays with are an excellent option for tourists. We have a range of travel packages and an interface that saves you time and effort while delivering value for money while you enjoy your holidays in Portugal.

Discovered in 1450, Ilha do Flores first became a permanently populated island around 1510 when Portugal was ruled by King Manuel I. The westernmost island in the Archipelago, summers here see an abundance of pink and blue Hydrangeas that bear the origins of its name (Flores is Portuguese for flowers).

The Azorean waters were important to American whalers till the early 20th century, and the ban on whale hunting has made Azores a popular place for a rendezvous with these impressive creatures. Today the amazingly scenic island of Flores is a natural destination for adventurous tourists with its rugged terrain and unique rural charm, somewhat similar to some parts of the Eastern European destination Croatia.

Like Cuba, Flores has a little bit of everything to make for a great holiday, but mostly peace and tranquility. Cuba holiday packages offer sunshine, sea and local culture and so does Flores. This peaceful island that still displays remains of King Manuel the First's architecture style at various attractions, has a similar feel to Cuba except for the hustle and bustle of Cuba.

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