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Florence Holidays

Florence is symbolic of the great culture and progress made during Renaissance in the field of art and architecture. For a lively experience in this wonderful city, Zip Holidays gives you a completely guide - Florence Holidays.

Florence is one of the most visited destinations in Italy as well as Europe. While rating the cities and tourist hotspots, a passing reference is made to Florence as the Athens of Rome and the birth place of Renaissance. Florence lies just west of Croatia.

Florence Holidays attempt to throw live the history chapters before travellers so that they can have a better understanding of the prominence of this city. One more interesting historical fact about Florence is that the city served as the capital of Italy from 1865 to 1870. Rich with culture and history, the city is to Italy, what Stockholm is to Sweden.

After discussing history, let us now discuss some of the tour highlights of Florence Holidays. Travellers will get to see the monuments in the city with guided tours and all briefing will be provided by a subject expert. There will be visits to the famous museums, arts centres, market places and city-tour. To spend a wonderful time in the city, Florence Holidays endeavours to provide accommodation in some of the best hotels, expensive as well as inexpensive ones that suit the taste and the budget of travellers, much like those found in Brazil.

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