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Famagusta Holidays

Famagusta is the capital city of the Famagusta District, located on the eastern coast of Cyprus. Famagusta is located between Capes Greco and Eloea in east Nicosia, and has the deepest harbor in Cyprus. Famagusta’s ancient city spans across Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.

If you like your holidays to combine adventure and history, a Famagusta vacation ought to top your travel list.  A culturally rich city with remnants of the past sprinkled generously all over, Famagusta entices visitors to delve deeper and discover the city that was and is. One of the oldest ports of Cyprus, Famagusta was once a commercial hotspot in the Mediterranean. It is believed the city was founded in 285BC by the Egyptian king Ptolemy Philadelphus. Historians also believe the modern city occupies the site of the ancient town of Arsinoë. Excavations from the ancient Roman city of Salamis, much of which was lost as Famagusta prospered through the ages, have produced evidences of existence of gold coins around 411BC. Also, Salamis is believed to have come into existence as early as 1100BC. Besides ancient remnants, there are several churches, castles and houses in the Old City of Famagusta that bear testimony to its development through the Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Roman and British eras.

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