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Falmouth Holidays

On the North Coast of Jamaica, the nation of islands lays Falmouth, a vibrant town. Falmouth is the capital to Trelawny parish in Jamaica and is also a prominent Georgian town, 18 miles east of Montego Bay. One of Caribbean’s best chief towns, Falmouth holidays are a treat of a lifetime. In 1769, Falmouth was founded by Thomas Reid, when Jamaica was world’s leading sugar producer and Falmouth was a well-known port and market centre. Named after the Cornwall of England, Falmouth has since long been a wealthy town with people from all races and was once the busiest port housing mariners, carpenters, tavern keepers and other like professionals. Holidays in Falmouth give a true Jamaican flavour to the tourists with a tinge of the Georgian past. An all inclusive holiday in Falmouth include sightseeing, relaxation on pristine beaches, adventure and sports and contentment.

Fascinating Falmouth

Falmouth is smaller than Montego Bay but stands true to a complete Jamaican holiday package. Whether it is strolling in the town or the beachfront, observing the 18th century churches or the colonial mansions; holidays in Falmouth are a visitor’s delight. Those looking for a beach holiday in Jamaica should certainly plan their holiday in Falmouth as the town is hemmed with beaches on both the sides. The golden sands invite the visitor for a stroll and then take a plunge in its clear waters. Falmouth beach holidays also include various water sports like jet skiing, snorkelling, parasailing, water skiing and scuba diving with schools for the same for beginners.

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