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Estoril Holidays

Estoril holidays are perfect for beach lovers. Estoril holidays feature a resort town located close to Lisbon and governed by the municipality of Cascais. Estoril coast starts from Lisbon and stretches to Guincho. In fact, Estoril coast is often termed as Costa de Estoril-Sintra or Costa de Lisboa. Established in 1920, Estoril is one of the richest places to live in Portugal. Estoril was an important fishing port in Portugal. After Second World War, many exiled European royal families took shelter in Estoril. Gradually Estoril holidays have emerged as an international tourist hotspot. Estoril holidays are quite significant for Portuguese tourism industry.

Estoril is also referred as the Portuguese Riviera by tourists because of its royal history. Estoril holidays are elegant and full of luxury, relaxation and plenty of activities. You can explore 2000 years old ruins of Roman mansions during holidays in Estoril. Estoril holidays also offer some glamorous events such as the open ATP tennis and motorcycle grand prix which have made the place internationally popular. Another attraction of Estoril holidays is the international craft fair in the months of July and August. Some magnificent buildings such as the post office and church of Santo António are must visit during Estoril holidays.

General Etiquette in Estoril

Etiquette trends in Estoril are same as in other Portuguese towns. Tipping waiters is customary in restaurants as service tax is not included in bill. Tipping 10% of the bill amount is general practice in Estoril. You may also tip additional amount if you are pleased by the services. Tipping hotel attendants is also appreciated. Pick up few Portuguese words to break ice with locals during Estoril holidays.

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