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Estartit Holidays

L’Estartit is a small town in Costa Brava, Spain. Though the place has different pronunciation, most tourists pronounce it as ‘Estartit’. This town stretches from the Bay of Roses to the Ter River estuary. Estartit is bordered by Roca Maura and Torre Moratxa, two hills that act as natural boundaries. The mountains and the plain of Ter give the beaches a unique advantage of rocky coastlines, making it quite a spectacle for even the most discerning travelers. Estartit is frequented by tourists from around the world, lead by tourists from Germany, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In fact tourism has over taken fishing, which was the main occupation here, as the main stay and therefore one can expect lot of facilities in the town.

Iiies Medes is a group of islands near Estartit protected by Natural Park status. It is the home to exotic flora and fauna and has emerged as a paradise for the divers. It is a significant marine reserve in Europe. A Glass-bottomed boat trip is the most popular entertainment here. Fascinating landscapes, spectacular bays and lush countryside makes Estartit a coveted beach resort. Some of the best restaurants are in the focal point of the marina and offer food in beautiful settings. There are a plenty of beaches, local shops, bars and restaurants and Irish pubs for travelers to make merry. Due to its beaches and water sports, Estartit is popular with enthusiastic water sportsmen as well.

Music and games are the most popular form of entertainment in Estartit. The Spanish love card games; the most popular game being Botifarra. Tipping is not mandatory but an accepted norm of appreciation. Shaking hands or kissing the cheek is allowed at introductions. Wait until you are shown your seat at the table. Eating with hands is discouraged in Estartit. Place your knife and fork parallel to indicate if you have finished dinner. Loud and rude behaviour is not tolerated in public places.


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