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Essaouira Holidays

Formerly known as Mogador, Essaouira is the pride of Morocco. Essaouira holidays are just like a visual poem unveiling in front of the visitor. Positioned on North Africa’s Atlantic coast, holidays to Essaouira offers a visit to a typical dream city composed with neat white dwellings with a jigsaw puzzle like streets and lanes, elegantly carved wooden cloisters and dappled squares. Essaouira lies in western Morocco’s Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz region. Essaouira holidays attracts people admiring architecture and history as the place dates back to the prehistoric times when the island of Mogador worked as a shield against strong marine winds to protect its harbour. Since then, Essaouira is known as one of the best anchorages of the Moroccan Coast and the Medina of Essaouira is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage city- an18th century fortified town.

Essaouira holidays are all about enjoying under the bright sun that shines almost throughout the year. The beautiful beach that compliments the magnificence of the sea, the mountains rising above grandeur, is the USP of holidays in Essaouira. The gushing waters and the gusty winds at the beachfront make the place ideal for water sports such as windsurfing. Such is the allure of Essaouira holidays that heroes, such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, often visited this paradise to unwind and rejuvenate in the seventies.  For women, Essaouira is a dream destination as they can empty out their credit cards at the local souks here which are excellent for woodwork crafts, carpets and jewellery.

General Etiquette in Essaouira

In Morocco, tipping is not mandatory during Essaouira holidays. However, if tourists wish to leave behind some reward they can leave up to 10% of the total bill at restaurants, lesser in taxis and tip handsomely to hotel staff. Also do keep in mind that Morocco is a Muslim country, therefore dressing appropriately is advisable during holidays to Essaouira.

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