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Erbalunga Holidays

Erbalunga is considered as a center stage of cultural activities. It was in the year 1920 that a group of artists visited the area and chose it as their home. This is why substantial number of tourists visit the area especially during the summer months and live performances by artists elate you in the evenings in the area around Erbalunga.

Ten kilometers north of the bustling Bastia is the port town of Erbalunga. The principal buildings are cluttered on a rocky platform overlooking the settlement. Erbalunga was once the chief port towns of the region and the settlement was prosperous. It was the economic nerve center from where exquisite wines and olive oil were exported. If you wander along the streets of the old city and examine the buildings closely, it is not very difficult to fathom the prosperity of those who inhabited Erbalunga. However now, the old settlement wears a desolate look with drab buildings and dilapidated watchtowers. But Erbalunga sill holds a charm because of scenic contour, euphoric nightlife with concerts and exhibitions, vibrant summer festivals and the awe inspiring religious processions and Good Friday masses.

General Etiquette

Tipping after availing a service is considered good manners. The general custom is 10% of the billed amount. Remember the people in France pay a great deal of importance to table manners. Also when you are attending a formal function don’t just land up in casual clothes. Dressing appropriately is important. Address ladies with proper respect. Respond always when you are greeted.

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