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Elenite Holidays

Elenite holidays offer an enchanting vacation at an attractive purpose-built resort on the south Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. Elenite, which literally translates to ‘The Stags’ in essence, is located approximately 10Km from the prominent Sunny Beach resort, and 50Km from the north of Bourgas, one of the major Bulgarian cities. Development of Elenite holiday resort into a full-fledged resort began in 1985 during which period the population of the Region was nil. As the resort developed, more and more tourist-friendly facilities were included, much to the delight of visitors. Holidays in Elenite has matured aesthetically and commercially, and is today one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

A holiday in Elenite is a beautiful experience of long stretch of fabulous beach, picturesque natural surroundings, marvellous local entertainment, and fun-filled recreational activities. The beauty and richness of Bulgarian life and culture can be understood not only from Elenite, but also from its equally irresistible neighbours, Bourgas and Nessebar. From children to senior holidaymakers, Elenite holidays are popular with every age group. Whether it is a romantic trip, leisure tour, family vacation, fun outing with friends, or a solitary retreat, holidays to Elenite appeal to every soul.

General Etiquette in Elenite

Tipping is not mandatory; however it is appreciated to recognize services of travel guides, drivers, and hotel staff, with generous tips. Dining etiquette is important. Keep greetings formal while meeting locals; they do not appreciate hugs and kisses as these are customary only between relatives and friends. Proper gifting etiquette while meeting local people is appreciated.

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