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Egypt Hotels

It offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. Some renowned luxury hotels for Egypt holidays include:

Mara hotel in Luxor: A fabulous hotel with warm and genuine staff and a lovely restaurant named Salahadeen. The restaurant offers traditional Egyptian cuisine and visitors can dine on fresh and natural delicacies. Good place if you want to try traditional Egyptian dishes during your holiday to Egypt.

Sheraton Miramar Resort in El Gouna: Designed by the world renowned architect Michael Graves, it perfectly fuses Arabic and Egypt's Nubian Styles. A delightful oasis that is built on nine islands and tucked in the village of El Gouna, it offers a typical Egypt holiday experience.

Hilton Taba Resort & Nelson Village: Encircled by the Red Sea, it offers breathtaking ocean views. With its nice interiors, Casa Taba restaurant serves Oriental and Egyptian cuisine that is ideal for people who tour for pleasurable Egypt holidays.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh: In the Middle East, you can enjoy this seaside resort. Excellent dining, spa and sports and luxuriant rooms entice travellers on their Egypt holidays.

El Nakhil in Luxor: Well managed hotel with awe-inspiring architecture and elegant ambience. Egypt holidays can not end without enjoying dishes at this place.

Iberotel Lido in Sharm el Sheikh: Spic and span with a relaxed vibe around the hotel. Nama Bay is just a few minutes away. During your Egypt holidays it's worth dining at this spotless hotel if you get a chance.

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