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Egypt Etiquette and Essentials

Area: Over one million

Population: 83,082,869

Language: Arabic

Religion: Islam

Currency: Egypt Pound.

Time difference: Two hours ahead of GMT.

Important Embassy Info:British Embassy

7 Ahmed Ragheb Street

Garden City



Telephone: (002) (02) 27916000

Tipping during your Egypt holidays:

Tipping (called baksheesh in Egypt) is widely practiced for most of the services. A service charge of around 12 percent is added to the bill in hotels, yet an extra 5 percent tip is customary. Travellers can give a tip of 5 percent for taxi drivers and can add 5 percent more if the driver serves you well. Tips for bellhops and porters are about a pound and since people rely on tipping, it is better to carry small change wherever you go.

Travellers who go for Egypt holidays need to be aware of the following:

• It is advised to practise utmost caution while enjoying Egypt holidays because of the higher incidence of terrorist attacks in the recent times. Do not carry goods/luggage given by strangers, look for any baggage under your seat in public transport and report it.

• Make sure you closely pay an attention to your personal belongings.

• Domestic and global political developments may call for huge demonstrations that could turn violent. During your Egypt holiday it should be avoided by reading news, avoiding going to places where demonstrations are on.

• Avian influenza has taken some precious lives in Egypt. It is better to get relevant information before you start your Egypt holidays.

• In case of an emergency, travellers on a holiday to Egypt are suggested to dial 123 for an ambulance, dial 180 for fire brigade or 122 for police. Travellers are requested to keep these emergency numbers always with them to make their holidays to Egypt hassle free. Instead of regular police, call the tourist police as they often are more helpful and considerate towards travellers.

Terrorism created an unbearable agony in the minds of people yet they are slowly recovering from it. Even though holiday makers can get information on Egypt holidays through the internet, it is suggested to have a private guide or a travel agent for the first time sojourn. It is better to book all your tickets online and make your allowances as needed. If you are in need of any travel information you can browse the official tourism site .

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