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Egypt Attractions and Activities

Temple of Karnak (also known as Ipet-isut) is a complex of impressive temples within two hectares of deserted land. It comprises of three main temples - Mut, Monthu and Amun that are confined by huge brick walls. The sacred lake present in Karnak is the largest among lakes at other Egyptian temples. It is a must see temple for tourists on Egypt holidays.

Temple of Abu Simbel: Being a highlight of Egypt, it offers stunning sights of two temples, the Temple of Ramses II and the temple of Hathor dedicated to his wife Nefertari. It underwent renovation as it was about to submerge. It’s imposing four colossal statues and highly embellished interiors greet the traveller for a gratifying experience. Holidays to Egypt can not exclude this temple of paradise.

Nubian Museum: It introduces us to the culture of the Nubians (people from Aswan and Khartoum in Sudan). In addition, it nicely illustrates the history and people of the Nile valley from olden days till present and a hall with splendid tombstones and statues from the region. When you go for Egypt holidays, do not miss this store house of Egyptian culture.

Valley of the Kings: Situated on the west Bank of the Nile, it houses more than 60 awe inspiring tombs and 120 chambers. Here the pharaohs were entombed and was considered that they hoped to meet their gods in the afterlife. It became a World Heritage Site in 1979 and is one of the most well known archaeological sites in the world. This heritage site is highly recommended for Egypt holidays.

The Pyramids of Giza: It has three main pyramids, one of which being the Great Pyramid. Explore the grand Pyramids of Giza and the enticing Sphinx that has the second biggest pyramid Chephren. With constant renovation the frequency of visitors have gone up. In this spot you can visit the only existing wonder of ancient world, the Great Pyramid.

Of many attractions, the Pyramids hold great value for Egypt. Egypt holidays can leave you finishing your sojourn with much more than enjoyment and comfort.

Cairo Saqqara Pyramids: Also called Sakkara, its all-encompassing nature offer the visitors sunny experience and best Egypt holidays with many important monuments such as the deep underground Persian Tombs, Pyramid of Unas, Pyramid of Sekhemket, Mastaba of Ti and the Tomb of Mereruka.

Temple of Luxor: A typical Egyptian temple that houses the chapels of the deities with their vestibules and chambers. It was actually built to celebrate the annual Opet Festival when the statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu were taken in procession from Karnak to Luxor. Through the grand colonnade of the temple, you can reach a large hypostyle hall and an open peristyle court that make the holidays to Egypt a memorable experience.

Sharm excursions: Travellers have chosen Red sea town Sharm el-Sheikh as one of the top 25 destinations in Africa. It is gifted with striking reefs ideal for world-class diving and shipwrecks that wait for you to be explored. The town's fast growth has been inviting more and more travellers on Egypt holidays to enjoy the delights of the place.

Alexandria National Museum: It is in a nicely renovated villa and exhibits more than 1800 best archaeological pieces from Alexandria and all over Egypt. You can sit and relax at the adjoining wide gardens. It is advised not to miss this national museum during your Egypt holidays.

Giftun Islands: A pristine land that is endowed with white sand and azure sea as any Caribbean island. This island is fully encircled by beautiful corals and exotic marine life. Snorkelling is the excellent way to watch the reef in all its glory in this desert paradise. Don’t miss this spot when you enjoy Egypt holidays with your family.

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