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Egypt Holidays

The enduring charm of Egypt has been drawing people from all walks of life for millennia. With innumerable archaeological treasures from the pyramids of Giza to the outstanding temples at Luxor, Egypt holidays fascinate even the most experienced visitor. It’s captivating past, sunny weather and great diving opportunities in the Red Sea makes for an incredible Egypt holiday experience.

The captivating Arab republic of Egypt is located on the scenic landscape of Northern Africa and boasts of its glorifying past. It is regularly nurtured by the annual Nile River Flood, added with semi-isolation from the deserts to the east and west. It borders the peaceful Mediterranean Sea (where the famous holiday destination Sardinia resides), Red Sea and the Asian Sinai Peninsula.

Just over a million sq.kms, it has a net population of 83,082,869 with average life expectancy of 72 years. Located at 27 N and 30 E, the terrain comprises of a large area of desert plateau that cuts off the grand Nile valley and delta. As one of the hottest countries in the world and entirely encircled by the Sahara, it exhibits a sunny climate throughout the year. That's why even its winter shows moderate warmness and only a few days are cold when northerly winds are heavy. Its fertility is largely due to Nile valley and delta. The Nile river has no tributaries, yet heavy rains lash far to the south in Ethiopia and East Africa. More than 95% of Egypt's population is placed in the intensively cultivated Nile. Some places are dry, sunny and not exceedingly hot, this provides a better Egypt holiday experience to travellers

For thousands of years it remained the battle ground of emperors and kings. In 1922, UK granted partial independence to the country. A monarchy was placed with a new constitution that is based on a parliamentary democracy system. Continued presence of British and king's interference in policies led to the removal of the monarchy and a military coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser (the real architect of 1952 revolution) to assume power and declare Egypt as a fully independent state on 18 June 1956.

90% of Egyptians believe in Islam and they speak their official language, Arabic. The government spends nearly 5% of National GDP on education. Egypt Pound (EGP) is the local currency and the present rate (when this was written) is 1.00 EGP = 0.177649 USD or 1.00 EGP = 0.118187 GBP. Set your clock 2 hours ahead of GMT to be on local time for your Egypt holidays. The International Dialling Code is +20.

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