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Eagle Beach Holidays

Eagle Beach holidays are typically Caribbean. It is soaking up the sun by the white sand beaches with plenty of suntan and cocktails. What bliss! Many travel agents, writers and travellers have simply been mesmerised by this beach holidays. In fact, it is this Caribbean beach that has been most mentioned. The beach is wonderful for beginners interested in surfing. With the help of instructors from the coaching centres, this is a memorable experience. Many weddings have taken place on this beach. They are pleasant and lingering memories in the minds of the Eagle Beach holidaymakers. Lovely turquoise colours, white sands, pristine beaches and gentle surfing conditions are the highlights of this Eagle Beach resort. British who love beach holidays will simply adore this beach resort. Enjoy this beach holidays anytime of the year as the weather conditions are favourable throughout.

Eagle Beach holidays are popular with both locals and the tourists. The clear skies, tranquil waters and ample parking facilities make it convenient for a stop over. The Eagle Beach holidaymakers take immense pleasure in the tranquillity and privacy.  Shaded huts and cabanas are available for those who want to lounge by the beach. There are motorized water sports that offer excitement to families and especially children. Swimming, snorkelling, surfing, boat rides, parasailing and tubing are some of the adventurous sports. Restaurants and beach bars are nearby in case you want to sample the local cuisine or refresh with a cocktail.

Hotels and resorts offer accommodation that is comfortable and suited to individual needs and budgets. Low-rise hotels in lush garden settings line this beach. There are kids play areas, golf courses, sunset cruises and horse-riding excursions that can be availed. Eagle Beach is located near Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. Casinos, pubs and bars offer electrifying nights. Dance to the tunes of jazz or take part in musical concerts. Nightclubs, barbecues and Caribbean music bands make the Eagle Beach holidays evenings unforgettable. Shopping at malls or small boutiques can be a bargain especially while buying perfumes, jewellery, cosmetics, paintings, pottery and handicrafts. Eagle Beach holidays are the ultimate in sheer relaxation.

General Etiquette during an Eagle Beach holiday

10-15 percent tip is appropriate if the gratuity charges are not included in the hotel bills. Pack light clothing, ample suntan and your camera while planning Eagle Beach holidays.

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