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Duni Holidays

Duni is a purpose-built beach resort on the Black Sea Coast, in the east of Bulgaria. Also known as Dyuni or Diuni, Duni is a wonderful seaside resort town with sandy beaches and a rich natural landscape. Duni is ideally situated amidst beautiful neighbours; the Holiday Town is 40Km from the south of the beautiful Bourgas city, 7Km from the ancient town of Sozopol, and 12Km from the attractive seaside resort of Primorsko. A holiday at Duni offers a fabulous opportunity to explore the rich natural terrain of the Resort and the well-preserved forests, hills, and lakes surrounding the Region.

The proximity of Duni beach resort to the sea is unsurpassed, which endows the Region with a unique splendid seaside atmosphere. Attractive white villas facing the calm sea and surrounded by verdant green surroundings paint a picturesque setting perfect for romance and leisure. The numerous local attractions and recreation facilities at the Duni resort add to the excitement. Also favourable are the economical prices of Duni restaurants and accommodation. Put all together, and you get a delightful holiday package ideal for families, couples, children, and older holidaymakers.

General Etiquette in Duni

Though tipping is not mandatory, it is etiquette to reward services of tourist guides, drivers, and hotel staff with generous tips. Greeting etiquette is very important; locals are uncomfortable with informal hugs and kisses at the very first meeting. Such gestures are limited to friends and relatives. Dining etiquette is to be followed. Proper gifting etiquette is appreciated.

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