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Duck Key Holidays

Duck Key is an enchanting island situated in the County of Monroe in Florida. The census designated place falls in the Middle Florida Keys. Located between Islamorada and Marathon, it is 96 kilometres north of Key West. Being an island, it is surrounded by the pure waters of Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, Duck Key is a paradise for those who like to indulge in leisure activities such as fishing, boating and water sports. What is also remarkable is the luxurious accommodation that is available here, suiting the taste and comfort of the niche. In 1820s, Duck Key was the location of a salt manufacturing operation. Later the island was possessed by Mr. Howe, possessor of Key West, due to which the land is also called Hawk’s Cay Resort. Duck Key is a low, rocky full of mangroves resort which lies undisputed in the hands of nature.

Mesmerizing Duck Key

Duck Key is an island that provides complete entertainment for all age groups. What can be more enticing than a holiday in a secluded island with all facilities, comfort and luxury? The shimmering water of the island is a major attraction and home to marina which is another home to numerous boat rides. Watching the sun go down and merge with the sea, dinner cruises, powerboat adventures,  fishing trips, swimming with the water world below, dolphin-spotting tours, are a few of the many relaxing activities, visitors can plunge in. Locals and tourists in Duck Key take great pleasure in fishing, swimming, diving and scuba-diving, snorkeling and snuba-diving as well. Water lovers can luxuriously take a plunge in the pool or sunbathe or even swim in the salt-water lagoon. Duck Key also provides its tourists with the most exotic and enchanting spa treatments. One can just while away the day with a rejuvenating spa treatment in their resort. Those who visit the island with families can go on day trips to neighbouring places like Conch Key or take a boat trip in the sea to witness the charismatic sea creatures. For an adrenaline rush, swim with the dolphins but before that visit the Dolphin Research Centre in Marathon to know more about their behavior and habitat.

General Etiquette in Duck Key

In Duck Key, tipping is much appreciated. A 15% of the bill is a minimum tip. So tip your waiters, bartender, hotel assistants well so that they provide optimum services to you.

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