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Dubai City Holidays

You are sure to scratch yourself about whether it is in the middle of the thick Arabian Desert you are in, or in New York or Paris of London, when you see some of the high rise buildings here! This is an oasis in the desert, in terms of infrastructure development. This is known as Dubai to the rest of the world. Its pristine Arab name is Dubayy. Dubai is often called Dubai City to enable people to distinguish it from the emirate itself. It has such illustrious companions as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Dubai City is situated at the crossroads of the Emirates. Dubai City is one of the seven Emirates that are located at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf and make up the UAE. If there is one emirate that can claim to be the epitome of development and sophistication, it has to be Dubai City. Dubai City, as the proud capital of Dubai, symbolises the essence of this development. Though its wealth is derived primarily from oil, Dubai is a great example of how income generated from one resource –an exhaustible one at that –can be utilised prudently for the overall development of the nation. Dubai holiday packages will expose you to the fact that there is not one single sector that has been left behind in development. Real estate, construction, entertainment, IT, transport and education are just some of the areas in which the city has grown.

General Etiquette in Dubai City

It is a good idea to give some close attention to public behaviour and etiquette when someone from the west visits this part of the world. Although one of the more open and tolerant nations of the region, most public behaviour and etiquette have to be in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence, or the Shariat. Live-in relationships; adultery and homosexuality are strict nos.  As in the rest of the Emirates, drinking is strictly prohibited in Dubai City, except in select hotels. In this Islamic Emirate, women have to conform to set dress codes. They cannot wear clothes that expose some parts of the body, such as the top of the arms and legs. Sitting with legs pointing to the person with whom the interaction is being made; using the left hand to greet people or take things from them and taking photographs of people, especially women, without permission are considered the height of bad etiquette. In hotels, tipping does not have the importance it enjoys in western cultures. Having said this, Islamic law does not prohibit tipping. So, a small amount is fine. It pays to brush up one’s knowledge of these things on last minute holidays.

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