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Druif Beach Holidays

Druif Beach holidays are romantic beach holidays along a narrow stretch of ivory sand. It is an impressive 7-mile kms of just white sand and waters. These beach holidays are for sunning, socializing and relaxing by the beach. The waters are calm and not very wavy for body surfing. It is simply a pleasure to just splash in the water. The pristine beaches, calm waters and palm fringes make Druif Beach holidays popular in Aruba. Comfortable accommodations, excellent restaurants and the Caribbean atmosphere topped with the Aruban hospitality make Druif Beach holidays a pleasure for tourists. Plan for Druif Beach holidays as this place is well connected by public transport. The British love this beach holiday that is a sunny paradise.

Druif Beach Resort

The alabaster beaches in the Caribbean Islands are famous for all-inclusive beach holidays. Druif Beach holidays offer the unique Caribbean combination of land and sea activities. Calm waters, rugged interiors and national park make it a highly fascinating beach holiday destination. Jet-skiing, boat rides, fishing and sailing are fun water-based activities. Snorkelling helps explore the fantasies of the under-water world. Golfing, horse-riding, safari rides and biking are challenging. Oranjestad is located nearby and offers an exceptional shopping experience. Jewellery perfumes and local handicrafts are a bargain. Duty free shops and upscale malls are great shopping centres. The casinos, pubs and bar hopping buses in Oranjestad offer a sizzling nightlife. There are plenty of ethnic and international restaurants that offer diverse cuisine. Locally prepared lobster and red snapper are necessary on this beach holiday.     

Druif Beach holidays are a fulfilling destination for honeymoon couples and families. It is an ideal spot for weddings and family occasions. Children especially love coming here as there are plenty of activities to keep them engaged. Lone travellers find Druif Beach holidays a pleasure as they can enjoy solitude and an active social scene. There are plenty of resorts, low-rise hotels and B&B’s that offer comfortable accommodation with spas and pools. British plan for Druif Beach holidays during Easter or the winter months.

General Etiquette

Pack light summer clothing, sunscreens and your camera for a Druif Beach holiday. The hotels charge a 10%-15% gratuity tip. If not charged, then a 10%-20% is quite appropriate depending upon the services received. Most hotels do not allow pets, so check beforehand.

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