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Dover Beach Holidays

Dover Beach is situated on the south coast of the island nation of Barbados. Dover Beach occupies the southern tip of Barbados’ popular neighbourhood St. Lawrence Gap. Dover beach holidays are filled with picturesque beach waters, wonderful seafood cuisines, great shopping, and memorable Barbados attractions.

Dover beach holidays present attractions that brighten every mood. If water sports at the beaches here allure game lovers, the isolated sea spots tempt tranquillity seekers. The exciting beach life and activities are just great for party and crowd-lovers. For those looking for some quiet Dover Beach holidays with their family, there are many attractions within the area. Hastings, a small village and a popular beach resort in the neighbourhood, also beckons families on a Dover Beach holiday, with its quieter attractions. You can make your vacation more memorable with Dover Beach cheap holidays plan. There are a number of attractive Dover Beach holiday deals available online these days. For some excellent Dover Beach holidays deals, visit ZIP Holidays.

General Etiquette in Dover Beach

Keep your greetings formal with a handshake and salutation. Informal greetings such as hugs and kisses are reserved for family and friends. Indulging in topless or nude bathing at beaches attracts legal punishment. When it comes to tipping, 10-15% service charge is applied in hotels. However, additional tipping is always welcome.

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