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Dona Paula Holidays

Dona Paula holidays have both the qualities of a quiet yet colourful holiday, full of hustle and bustle of city life. In Dona Paula holidays, one can feel blessed at the beautiful beach of golden sands and coconut tree groves. The views at the beach are stunning, be it any time of the day in the ultimate Dona Paula holidays.

Dona Paula holidays are a perfect choice for backpackers with no plans at all. Where the wonderful beach gives you typical Goan winds to feel both relaxed and blessed at the same time, the bay promises eye-catching views of Old Goa from across the waters. There’s so much to shop as well when you’re strolling through the market in Dona Paula holidays. Goods from all over India can be bargained at a fair price. Local handicrafts, spices, trinkets, souvenirs, etc. are available in tempting bulks besides nice foods and drinks to get you quick energy to bargain more.

You can always take unplanned walks to admire the local life at its leisure. Although Dona Paula holidays barely let you have so much time to chill around as one never gets to feel done with everything to do there. Water sports are, no doubt, one big attraction in Dona Paula holidays as there are so many different activities you can try to feel overjoyed in minutes. Boat trips, on the other hand, get one hand in hand with the slow flow of water and life in Dona Paula holidays. A day’s trip, if not a couple of days off, must be tried to Divar Island nearby. The secluded wilderness of flora and fauna at Divar is as indescribable as the delicious local food there. Dona Paula holidays can be one of the most satisfying holidays in Goa.

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