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Dominican Restaurants and dining

The country boasts of its own typical cuisine and is very similar to other Latin American countries. On your Dominican Republic holidays you can relish their breakfast that mainly consists of mangu (mashed and boiled plantain) and eggs. Dominicans consider lunch as their most important meal of the day and so they include rice, some meat (can be pork, fish, beef or chicken) and salads. "La Bandera"- their famous lunch dish mainly consists of red beans and meat on white rice. They add sofrito (a mixture of local spices and herbs) in their main dishes to bring out its distinctive flavours. Travellers on their Dominican Republic holidays can enjoy their favourite dishes such as pastelitos (empanadas), chicharrón, plátanos maduros (ripe plantain), bizcocho dominicano (A native cake), frío frío (snow cones) and casabe. They can also enjoy the following beverages like Mama Juana, rum, Morir Soñando and coffee. Dominican Republic holidays give you a nice opportunity to relish these native beverages.

With your Dominican Republic holidays you can relish different types of cuisines in the following restaurants:

La Casa Del Pescador: Situated near the beach, it serves sophisticated sea food in a lively setting. Be here during your Dominican Republic holidays to savour the chef’s flavoured fish consommé.

America: It nicely displays old world charm and elegant ambience when you go for your Dominican Republic holidays.

Asador de Antonio: This cosy and small restaurant makes you relish the best of steaks and barbecues. It exudes a serene atmosphere when you ask for a glass of wine during your Dominican Republic holidays.

Le Papillon: Offers a wide range of ala carte dishes that is made of organic local ingredients. Its menu changes every season and travellers on their Dominican Republic holidays can savour the finest and freshest food dishes.

Da Vinci Restorante: Holidays to Dominican Republic will offer you Italian cuisines with contemporary flavours and its extensive wine list is a traveller’s delight.

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Dominican Holidays