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Dominican Getting there and around

During your holidays to Dominican Republic you will get various transport options to go around the country such as bus service, domestic flights, taxis and cars. As for Bus service, Caribe Tours is the largest bus company covering the length and breadth of the region. The next option is the slightly expensive Metrobus that serves the eastern and northern parts of the country. When you hire a taxi during your Dominican Republic holidays, make sure you go with a licensed driver and negotiate a reasonable price before you leave.

If you have time and money at your disposal you can do so much with your holidays to Dominican Republic. You can go out for an excursion by booking through Coco tours, one of the country’s major inbound tour operators. The country does not have any rail system. Private taxis are available round the clock in Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo and you can easily get hotel taxis at the bigger hotels. If you want to hire a private car, a valid driver’s license and a major credit card is essential to rent it for up to ninety days. Apart from this you should be at least twenty five years old. Right hand driving is normally practised and the speed limit is 60 kph in the cities and 100 kph on the major highways. It is suggested during your Dominican Republic holidays that roads on inner cities and towns may not be in good condition and so keep a watch on oversized speed bumps and big holes.

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Dominican Holidays