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Dominican Attractions and Activities

The following are some of the major landmarks and attractions that will bring endless fun to your Dominican Republic holidays:

Monument of the Restoration of the Republic: An imposing marble structure of around 220 feet that offers an exclusive collection of wall paintings by Vela Zanetti. Travellers on their Dominican Republic holidays can have a panoramic view of the Sprawling Santiago.

Museum of the Dominican Man: This amazing museum traces the origins of Dominicans. Started in 1973 it is placed in the colourful Plaza de la Cultura and displays the antique objects of Tamno natives. A must visit place during your Dominican Republic holidays.

Alcázar de Colón/Diego Columbus House: The impressive mansion of Diego, son of Christopher Columbus. It was nicely constructed with coralline blocks and is replete with colonial artefacts and artistic masterpieces. It is a can’t-miss stop on any of your Dominican Republic holidays.

Tobacco Museum: Placed in Santiago, this nice museum has a rich collection of art, tools and photographs pertaining to the tobacco industry. A must visit museum for your Dominican Republic holidays.

Playa Rincon: A secluded beach with crystalline blue waters and has been rated as the second finest beach in the whole world by Conde Nast magazine. It is one of the best beaches you will have the great pleasure of exploring on your Dominican Republic holidays.

El Salto del Limon: Travellers on their Dominican Republic holidays can enjoy this dazzling waterfall by riding on horsebacks. Situated few minutes away from the beach town of las terrenas it is highly recommended for adventurous visitors.

Cayo Levantado (Bacardi Island): A short boat trip to this fabulous island offers you stunning sand beaches that are aptly enlisted in your Dominican Republic holidays’ packages.

Jeep Wranger and Quad Bike Tour: This tour is meant for exploring the entire island and in due course travellers will get to know and appreciate the native people’s cultures and norms. During your Dominican Republic holidays, this excursion will give you a gratifying experience.

Sosua Beach: Situated in a crescent shaped bay, this beach is often filled with lively people and features calm, turquoise waters and white sand. It is highly recommended on your Dominican Republic holidays.

Cabo Cabron: On the island’s northern coast you can explore this solitary region at your own pace during your Dominican Republic holidays. It is one of the most unspoilt and remote places of the country.

The Caves: Intrepid travellers on their Dominican Republic holidays can explore these splendid boulders and rocks on their own or can join any cave tours arranged throughout the island.

San Rafael: A renowned and incredible beach area famous for its swimming in the Caribbean. On your holidays to Dominican Republic don’t miss the colourful waterfall that falls onto rocks and showing an awesome turquoise water show.

Calle El Sol: It is one of the most notable shopping areas of the region and it is crowded with visitors on their Dominican Republic holidays’ buying memorabilias and locals buying things.

Pico Duarte: It is the highest mountain in the Caribbean at more than 10000 feet. Highly recommended when you do hiking on your enjoyable Dominican Republic holidays.

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