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Dominican Holidays

Holidays to Dominican Republic are filled with effervescent nightlife, splendid national parks, World class gambling and splendid beaches.

To experience the natural beauty of sea and land it is highly recommended to venture into outdoor activities such as wind surfing, snorkelling, kite boarding and golf. You can enjoy bird watching as the country has over two dozen national parks. It is as popular in the Americas as Fuerteventura is in Europe.

If a nation’s resources are to be valued by its landscape, the Dominican Republic would be the richest country in the Caribbean region. It spreads across an area of 48,442 sq km and has a population of around ten million. Encircled by Haiti and Saint Martin, it boasts of being the second largest country after Cuba, and often benefits from tourists who add Dominican Republic to their itineraries while on holidays to Cuba. Its capital Santo Domingo is a famous metropolitan place and is situated on the Southern Coast.

The Dominican Republic gained independence from Haiti in 1865 and then it faced repeated military coups, occupation of US forces and unstable governments. After 1996, regular elections are being held every four years and as a result, former president Mr Reyna is serving his second term. As a republic of West Indies, it has achieved much in terms of good education, proper governance and stable economy.

The official language of the region is Spanish (also called as Castellano) and languages such as English, Italian, Chinese, German and French are spoken in less numbers. The country is 95 percent Christian, including Protestant and Roman Catholic. Other religions are also accepted such as Spiritist, Buddhist, Bahai, Islam, Judaism and Chinese Folk Religion. During your Dominican Republic holidays you will find its culture as a blend of European colonists, Taino natives and African slaves.

The official currency is Dominican Peso (DOP or RD$) yet Euros and United States dollars are also accepted at various tourist destinations. It is interesting to note that till 1980s the peso was at par with USD but after that the peso currency got depreciated. As of now, the exchange rate is 1 DOP = 0.0278164 USD i.e. 35.9500 DOP per USD. For UK travellers, the rate comes at 1.00 DOP = 0.0174550 GBP i.e. 57.2902 DOP per GBP. The country has its International access code as 809.

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Dominican Holidays