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Dolphin Beach Holidays

Dolphin Beach is a rich and naturally beautiful island on Florida’s West Coast. It is the most sought after destinations for holidaying by tourists and Americans. Holidays in Dolphin Beach mean spending time at the lucid and tranquil water; white sandy beaches and abundant sunshine throughout the year. The Gulf of Mexico’s clear water awaits your presence to roll yourself into it and approaches the Silver Sand Beach. The resort compels you to romance your partner, take strolls on the beach hand in hand, laze and watch the sun go down as it ticks endless time passing by; these simple yet pleasurable moments in life are the dignity and asset of Dolphin Beach holidays. Along with discovering the enthralling beach, visitors can even venture out to Florida and nearby islands and places to explore more and make use of their stay in the resort.

Captivating Dolphin Beach

Rise with the morning sun as it overlooks your room window, hug onto your swimsuit in the day or tan by just lazing around and take a mesmerizing shower before you step down for that much desired romantic stroll in the evening- this is what Dolphin Beach holidays are about. Located at a stone’s throw distance from the beachfront is the Dolphin Village Shopping Centre which is a hub of shops and also boasts of good St Pete Beach restaurants. In the adjoining resort of St Petersburg, are more dining options available which a wider range of cuisines and yummy meals. For sightseeing nearby places, tourists can visit Tampa and Florida which house great areas, activities and worth a see attractions. These places are a short drive from the Dolphin Beach.

General Etiquette in Dolphin Beach

In Dolphin Beach, tipping is an etiquette that is well accepted. A 10-15% of the bill is a minimum tip that is given to people who serve visitors.

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