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Djerba Island Holidays

Djerba Island is a part of Tunisia, near North Africa. It is a beautiful vacation spot that has a picturesque beauty which appeals to the tourists visiting it. The name of the island is pronounced as Jerba while some people prefer to call it Jarbah or Girba. The beautiful sandy beaches and the palm trees lining the beaches add a mystical touch to the beautiful island. The warm blue water and the summer sun offer the perfect family vacation that can be spent lazing around the beach side. The small villages dotting the Djerba beach the perfectly flat island graced by the lush green palm trees and olive green give a scenic beauty to the island.

Djerba Island is a beautiful Island which is in Gulf of Gabes, off the coast from Tunisia. The sandy beaches set against the blue water and the green palm trees are some of the things which add elegance to the island. The beaches offer the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun while the pristine waters invite you to swim or enjoy other water sports. The ancient olive groves in the island and the fields with apricot, lemons and other fruits also cover various parts of the island. The small villages around the beaches and the white washed houses also enhance the beauty of Djerba Island. The tourists at Djerba Island can also enjoy staying at the upmarket resort hotel which also boasts of private beaches for their guests.

General Etiquette in Djerba Island

Tipping is considered as the basic etiquette in Djerba and in other parts of Tunisia. It is in fact expected from the tourist. So when staying at the hotels or dining at the restaurants one must make sure that you tip the staff who may otherwise not leave till you tip them.

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