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Disney World Holidays

A holiday in Disney World is like living in a separate world which is ruled by fun, entertainment and majorly happiness, where you do no work and only enjoy! Disney World is located in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, 21 miles southwest of Florida, within Orange County, USA. The resort stretches over 43 square miles, with incredible theme parks, Animal World, Magic Kingdom, water parks and thrilling rides, making it the world’s largest and most sought after recreational resort. In 1959, Walt Disney, the brain behind Walt Disney Productions, thought of opening a bigger park than Disneyland in Anaheim, California. He decided on Orlando as the destination for the bigger park and finalized the deal for his dream. However, he could not see his dream turn into reality as he demised when the project was midway. Nevertheless, on October 1, 1971, Disney World was unveiled before the eyes of all. The whole complex is owned by The Walt Disney Company. For tourists delight, Disney World is twice t

When in Walt Disney World Resort, try and choose to stay within the resort for maximum entertainment. Disney World has so much of its own that it is a complete entertainment globe to accomplish all your desires. Nevertheless, even if you choose to stay outside, excitement has not finished. You can explore the magnificent Orlando and Florida, and staying here will certainly save a few bucks in your pocket than in the resort. A holiday to Disney World means accomplishing the dreams you had for the holiday you were so looking forward to. Disney World has the best of all world on platter for you; shopping, nightlife, luxurious spas and water and terrain sports. Holidays here are ideal for families, with Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, the famous Disney-MGM Studios where you can spend all your time watching films and the extraordinary Disney Water Park.

General Etiquette in Disney World

In America, restaurant staff is often paid lesser than what they deserve.  Therefore, the employees expect a good tip. 15% of the bill is usually considered good tip for them and is a customary practise.

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