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Dickenson Bay Holidays

Dickenson Bay is a lovely white beach resort in the northeast coast of Antigua, Caribbean Islands. Dickenson Bay holidays are popular with both British and American holidaymakers. The tourists include families and lone travellers who love to spend a day at the beach. Families with children especially enjoy this Caribbean holiday. There are plenty of activities like sailing and snorkelling that accommodate children. All-inclusive resorts and small hotels offer accommodation during Dickenson Bay holidays. The beaches are of soft and white sand. In fact, it is one of the largest and well-developed beaches in Antigua. The beach promenade is active and lined with restaurants, cafes, taverns and water sports centres. Tourists with a feel for solitude can choose a beach called Runaway Beach, south of Dickenson Bay.

Dickenson Bay holidays are a trendy mix of both sophistication and charm. Sailing, glass-bottom boat rides, kayaking and snorkelling are the most popular water sports. There are several uninhabited islands and a mile long coral reef worth exploring. Half moon beach is an excellent surfing destination while there is a secluded nude beach at Five Islands Peninsula.

Trips to sugar plantations are a pleasant and learning experience during Dickenson Bay holidays. St John’s cathedral, Nelson’s Dockyard and the museum make for interesting historic visits. Pottery shops and duty free bargain shops account for major shopping experiences which are a delight to stroll through. There are eateries and restaurants offering gastronomic specialities. Stand-alone Barbuda hotels are few and most resorts offer an excellent choice of casual restaurants. Lobsters and red snappers are the local speciality.   

Nightlife in Dickenson Bay holidays is limited to beach bars while English Harbour has an active nightlife. Sandhaven, a bar in Runaway Bay has some live music and is a favourite jaunt with the locals. Tap to the tunes of Reggae and Latin club music. Casinos like ‘The King’s Casino in St john’s’ and ‘Grand Princess in Jolly Harbour’ are entertaining and thrilling to Dickenson Bay holidaymakers.

General Etiquette in Dickenson Bay

Don’t entertain drug traffickers. While planning Caribbean holidays, do not forget to carry mosquito repellent creams and sunscreens. Be cautious with valuables. Make small tips at restaurants, bars and casinos during you Dickenson Bay holidays.

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