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Denia Holidays

Denia has a touch of the previous times and culture. The town has been ruled by the Moors, Romans, Carthaginians and Iberians. Denia, therefore, is the right place to tour for the scholars or people with a keen sense of exploring vestiges in a quaint location. There are lots of wonderful beaches at this place that makes it even more attractive to tourists. One can find several architectural works in Denia that are proof of the passing civilizations. There is a unique character in every monument and its natural surroundings.

Simply put, no one can get bored in Denia. This is a place where one can enjoy all sorts on luxury and entertainment amidst traditions and interesting architecture. There are cocktail bars, discos, pubs, cinemas and theatres, terraces bordering the sea, bingos, and live music and other entertainment options for the tourists to enjoy their time here. 
Denia is situated to the north of the Alicante province and accordingly has a very pleasant weather. There are a number of beautiful beaches in this place and various attractive places such as churches, museums and natural parks to visit in Denia.

Tipping is an etiquette followed by Spaniards. However, there are people may feel awkward tipping at times. To avoid discomforting the waiters or assistants while tipping, it ids advised to leave the tip below the plate. Normal amount is around 5-10% of the total bill.

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