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Cyprus Essential Information

CULTURE – On your Cyprus holidays, make sure to respect local religious beliefs and culture. No flash photography is allowed in churches. It is considered rude to refuse an offer of a drink. While visiting a host for dinner, you may carry a small bottle of wine as a gesture.

DRESS CODE – You can dress in casual formals on your Cyprus holidays but dress modestly when visiting religious shrines. Women should be thoughtful with their dressing as you would have to dress a bit conservatively during your holidays to Cyprus.

MONEY - Normal banking hours are between 08:30 to 12:30 Mondays to Friday. Currency can be exchanged at post offices, exchange offices and banks. Most hotels, shops and restaurants accept credit cards and travellers’ cheques although you are advised to carry adequate cash on your Cyprus holidays.

SECURITY – Cyprus holidays are mostly trouble free for tourists from all across the world. Crimes against tourists are infrequent. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs. Poor driving standards risk accidents so make sure to drive with caution on your holidays to Cyprus.

TIPPING – On your Cyprus holidays, you would find a 10% service charge added to your restaurant bills. If not, you may leave a tip of similar value. Bargaining is not a must on your holidays to Cyprus.

OTHER INFO - The electricity in Cyprus is 240 V 50 Hz and you might require adaptors for two-pin rectangular blade plugs during your Cyprus holidays. Emergency services such as Police, Ambulance and Fire Service can be contacted at 199 or 112. Cyprus is two hours ahead of UK time.

CONTACT INFO – In case of emergencies during your Cyprus holidays, you may contact the British High Commission in Nicosia at (357) (22) 861100.

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