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Cyprus Holidays

A land of rich history and cultural riches, Cyprus has been a prominent tourist destination for European travellers. Travellers all across Europe plan holidays to Cyprus to experience this charming country and its vibrant energy. This mythical island draws tourists to it with its natural beauty and fascinating culture.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, located south of Turkey. Placed between two imposing mountain ranges, the terrain is diverse with central Mesaoria plains as well as rich coastal areas. There are six major towns in Cyprus including its capital, Nicosia. Travellers on Cyprus holidays would face a subtropical climate with dry summers and cool winters. The climate is always delightful, fit to suit tourists both during summers and winters. If sunshine is what you chase, then Cyprus holidays offers you plenty with up to 300 days of sunshine in a year. The sea breezes cool the island and create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation to enhance your holidays to Cyprus.

For its small size, the cultural history of Cyprus would astonish you with over 9000 years of history and civilisation. Standing at crossroads of Africa, Europe and Asia, the history of Cyprus begins from the Neolithic age and is further enriched by Ancient Greeks as well as the Romans. On your Cyprus holidays, you’d find several ancient monuments, monasteries and churches rife with mythical stories of Greek gods and goddesses. Presently, The Cypriot and the Turkish governments are working together to amicably work out a solution towards the issue of illegal division of the island.

With a population of around 796 thousand, Cyprus has two major ethnic groups, the Greeks (77%) and the Turkish (18%). The majority of the population is Greek Orthodox. The chief language of the island is Greek although you would find English-speaking people on your Cyprus holidays, too. The currency in Cyprus is the Euro and the current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.13 Euro.         

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