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Croatia Things To Do

•Ancient City Walls,Dubrovnik: A walk around these walls would take you through a kaleidoscope of views and sights. Many are of the opinion that your first walk in Dubrovnik during your Croatia holidays should be around these walls. The place will captivate you with its beautiful architecture and the adjoining natural resources.

•Old Town,Dubrovnik: Studded with restaurants, shops and cafes, Old town is the ideal way of starting Croatia holidays by taking a walk in this town. Make sure that this is part of your Croatia holidays itinerary.

•Mljet,Dubrovnik: It’s a beautiful island off the coast of Dubrovnik and its majority has been developed as a national park. Its main features are its two salt lakes existing inside the national park. One can walk around the lakes on the constructed pathways on their Croatia holidays or can simply laze around in the park.

•Cathedral of Zagreb: The stone walls or the wood benches are just preliminary sights which are brushed aside with the hovering essence and the great interior sights. This Cathedral is serene and is a nice place to commune with the God during Croatia holidays.

•Dolac Market,Zagreb: If shopping is on your mind and local Croatian stuffs are what you are after then make sure you visit this flea market during your Croatia holidays. It markets everything ranging from groceries to fine wines

•Sljeme Mountain,Zagreb:. A skiing mountain with good administration and arrangements for a cherishable skiing experience during Croatia holidays.

•The Well of Life,Zagreb: If symbolism interests you then this place will prove to be a haven for you. Ivan Mestrovic has done a splendid job on this street art.

•Archaeological Museum and Andautonia Archaeological Park,Zagreb: : Located in Zagreb, this museum contains monuments from the Greeks to the Romans and has an excavation sight nearby. A must visit historical sight during your Croatia holidays

•Mimara Museum,Zagreb. : This art museum houses the most eclectic collections of artefacts that could be real or fake collections of Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara. A nice museum with a great architecture to visit during Croatia holidays.

•Diocletian's Palace,Split: Another historical sights of Roman ruins. This palace was built in 3rd or the 4th Century AD. Another historical sight for vacationers on Croatia holidays.

•Medjugorje,Split: This town is a great place for breathtaking sight seeing and serenity. If seclusion and peace are your style of vacations then this town should be a part of your Croatia holidays.

•Salonae,Split: A site of Roman ruins, Salonae will give a peek in Roman architecture and is a nice place to visit for architecture and history students during their Croatia holidays.

•City Clock,Split: Many say that this is the best propped clock in the whole of Europe. Its one of those destination for Croatia holidays that does not rob you of your time and a simple walk around it will be enough.

•Fortress Kamerlengo, Trogir: Built in the fifteenth century, this fortress stands erect even today and attracts drove of tourist every year.

•The City Hall - Duke's Palace,Trogir: Duke’s palace with its nicely preserved opulence and grandeur will spellbind you with its imposing architecture and will leave an insight of how life was. It’s another inescapable destination during Croatia holidays.

•North Gate,Trogir: Be here to witness some of the most enthralling views of the neighbourhod. Visit to Trogir during Croatia holidays will be incomplete if one misses this monument.

•St. Michael Bell-tower,Trogir: A great architectural sight to see with its different bell towers. One will slip in the past at the sheer sight of these towers. A must see attraction during Croatia holidays.

•The Arena in Pula: The arena is a very interesting sight to witness and tour during Croatia holidays. The gladiators and their gallant history hovers around this place and will impress you at your very first step. Beautiful architecture and its preservation by Croatia administrations is simple commendable.

•Church of Our Lady of the Sea (Mornaricka crkva),Pula: A religious site with a humble history, this Church is a must visit for the religious people during their Croatia holidays to see how faith is sustained through various times.

•Triumphal Arch of Sergius,Pula: This spectacular architectural sight will spell bind you with its history. A great serene place to visit during Croatia holidays. This arch marks the victory at Actium.

•Paklenica National Park, Zadar: An amazing hiking place with some spectacular sights of the canyons and the steep climbs, national park is a great hiking option for Croatia holidays.

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