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Croatia Restaurants and dining

Travelling to different land often catch us unaware of the places to try out food in. With each restaurant looking as good as the other, we have compiled a short list of top restaurants for you.

Croatia holidays will surely be a culinary delight as well with its assortment of Mediterranean, Italian, European cuisines besides the exotic Croatian dishes. With weather similar to what you'd experience during your Sardinia holidays, Mediterranean food has this feeling of authenticity that comes with Mediterranean sea.

•Gil's, Dubrovnik: This harbour side restaurant serves some of the best cuisines and a la carte menu. With its location, service and delectable dishes it rules the heart of tourist and locals alike. A great place to eat during Croatia holidays once in Dubrovnik

•Black Cat Bistro, Split: With a bar, a segregated dining area and an external covered terrace, Black Cat Bistro serves delectable salads and main courses all in generous portions. A great place to eat out or drink in Split during Croatia holidays.

•Pri Zvoncu, Zagreb: An ideal place for business meetings and trying traditional Croatian food. Pri Zvoncu serves delectable dishes in large portions. Surely a nice restaurant, though slightly over crowded, for Croatia holidays.

•Valsabbion,Pula: One of the best restaurants of Croatia, Valsabion offers all the European cuisines at a highly competitive price. It is nicely secluded as well for that ideal quite lunch.

•Hotel Park Hvar Restaurant , Hvar: Located off the coast, this restaurant offers many delicious dishes and has an impressive wine list. This beautifully located restaurant offers great sites of the port and is one of the most popular food joint for Croatia holidays.

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