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Croatia How To Get There

There is no shortage of options of exploring Croatia or travelling around and between cities. One can use boats, hitching, buses, cars, motorcycles, trains, air or even bicycles.

Boats: They run around the year and operate along the Bari–Rijeka–Dubrovnik coastal route, stopping at Split and the islands of Hvar, Korčula and Mljet.

Buses and Trams: Bus service is nicely organised and inexpensive. Book ahead of time to be sure of the seats.

Cars and motorcycle: Just any driving license will do if you want to hire a car or a bike.

Petrol stations are generally open 7am to 7pm and often until 10pm in summer. You will have to pay tolls for the motorways linking Zagreb with the coast and to use the Učka tunnel between Rijeka and Istria, the bridge to Krk Island and the road from Rijeka to Delnice.

Train: Travelling in trains is almost 15% cheaper than any other form of transportation during Croatia holidays. They run from Zagreb to Rijeka, Zadar and Split and east to Osijek. Coasts don’t have any trains running along them.

Air: Croatia airlines is the only internal carrier within Croatia. There are daily flights between Zagreb and Dubrovnik (549KN, one hour), Pula (170KN, 45 minutes), Split (207KN, 45 minutes) and Zadar (341KN, 40 minutes).

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