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With many ‘walk paths’ and national parks to roam around in, it is essential that your accommodation facilities are not only serene but also provide you with all the luxuries that you may desire. That’s why choosing the best hotel for your budget becomes crucial yet at times cumbersome. We have listed few of the very best hotels below for your consideration and have categorised them in three classes for you to pick the one that suits your Croatia holidays budget.

Five star hotel

With majority of five stars in big cities like Dubrovnik, you may not get five star comforts in all the towns and cities that you visit during your Croatia holidays yet if shuttling ‘to and fro’ is your preference then the following could be of help.

•Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik: It’s a nicely maintained hotel in Croatia perfectly located in the city for easy access. The rooms are spacious and the room service besides the food will blow you away. It’s a nice five star option for Croatia holidays.

•Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik: This hotel with a private beach is a clear leader when it comes to offering exclusive beach access. So if sea views and beaches are your love then look no further during your Croatia holidays.

•Hotel Excelsior: Located just outside the city walls, Excelsior is a great hotel with an indoor pool and spa service. Definitely a hotel to try during Croatia holidays.

•Dubrovnik Palace Hotel: With interspersed spas, restaurants and pools, Palace hotel offers some breath taking panoramic views of the city. A good option for Croatia holidays if you desire everything under one roof.

•The Regent Esplanade Zagreb: Hotel where all the services are delivered with smile, The Regent Esplanade lies close to all the attractions. It’s a traditional hotel yet with all the luxuries to make your Croatia holidays cherishable.

Mid range hotels

As do many tourists, they compromise on bit of luxuries and focus more on a packed itinerary in the same budget. Mid range hotels in such cases emerge as a clear cut choice for their economical cost and yet almost similar luxuries.

•Hotel Adriatic, Dubrovnik: A modest hotel with all the basic facilities. The friendly staff makes sure that hygiene and prompt room service is always delivered. It is located nearby to the beach as well.

•Hotel Park, Split: Eat at the terrace or simply walk to the beach, the location and the service makes this hotel a great option for Split accommodation during Croatia holidays.

•Hotel Sirena,Hvar Island: Located at a great location with its own beach, Sirena offers bar and a well decorated dining room. Nice hotel for Hvar Island accommodation during Croatia holidays.

•Hotel Holiday, Zagreb: Located at a distance form the city centre, the hotel has tranquil surroundings with decent facilities. Hotel holiday is the ideal place for those looking for serenity and seclusion at an economical price during their Croatia holidays.

•Brioni Hotel, Pula: Located at just few paces from the waters, this hotel boosts of a great location with no taboo on smoking anywhere inside. It is secluded and a great value fro money hotel for Croatia holidays.

•Hotel Sveti Kriz,Trogir: Another beach side hotel with all three star facilities. Sveti Kriz is a nice option in Trogir for accommodation during Croatia holidays.

Cheapest Hotels

These hotels are best for those for whom the idea of accommodation doesn’t include all the luxuries and those who just need a bed and a shelter to crumble down and wake up next morning.

•Villa Micika, Dubrovnik: With booking price being lower than $60, this hotel is a sure place to stay in Dubrovnik when you know that you are going to explore the city more than the hotel.

•Apartments Gajeta, Split: Another value for money hotel with a nice room service. A good cheap option in Split during your Croatia holidays.

Omladinski Hotel Remetinec,Zagreb: The hotel is located far away from the city centre and is known for its friendly staff and nice spacious rooms.

•Best Western Hotel Astoria,Zagreb: At a walking distance from the transport facilities, Cathedral and other popular attractions of Zagreb, this hotel is a great value for money hotels for Croatia holidays

•Resort Horizont Pula: Its cheap price and the returned value will surely attract for a revisit to Croatia holidays.

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