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Croatia Holidays

With an impressive pine fringed coastline of 1778 kms, Croatia has best of both the worlds to offer. Be it plains, mountains or sea, holidays to Croatia will offer you all that you desire, in a short area span. Though the periphery of Croatia attracts the maximum vacationers, the interiors are equally fascinating with beautiful heterogeneous architecture, mesmerising history and equally exotic cuisines.

With an area of 56,542 square km, Croatia is surrounded by Slovenia, Hungary (south), Serbia (North), Bosnia and Herzegovina (east) and Montenegro (Southeast) and shares the sea border with Italy and therefore is easily accessible from Italy's beautiful holiday destinations like La Palma and Fuerteventura.

History, culture: Croatia

This country was inhabited in the prehistoric period. Much after the Iron Age came the Greek colonies which were later annexed to the Roman empire. Dubrovnik was the city that the retreating and defeated Romans found for a better safe guarding.

On the pretext of Byzantine rulers, Christian teachers were sent to this country for spreading and teaching the religion. Hungary and Croatia remained under union for almost 500 years before the union broke and Ottoman Empire played to their interest in, first, supporting, then, annexing Croatia to their empire. Through out its history, Croatia changed many hands and thus adopted many cultural practices as their own.

Croatian culture is a result of 14 century long history that has seen the rise and fall of many new cities and monuments. In fact the Fountain pens were devised in Croatia and your holidays to Croatia will be the witness of many other epochal developments in clothing, architecture, music and food. Croatia has a long list of artistic, literature and musical tradition and it all lives up till today.

Terrain, Demography and language

Croatia is in a horse shoe shape and it straddles its neighbouring countries. With a diverse topography, it will surely enchant you with its offerings. With flat plains along Hungarian borders, highlands and low mountains near the coastline, your holidays to Croatia will let you explore a beautiful topography with all its riches in diversity.

Due to the rich and heterogeneous history of invaders and dynasties, Croatia is inhabited by Croats (89.6%), where as there are traces of Serbs (4.5%) and other minorities like Bosniaks, Hungarians, Italians, Slovenes, Germans, Czechs, Romani people (5.9%)

Language played an important role in Croatian independence and to alleviate the side effects of diversity, Croatian came as the language of the masses.

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