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Crete Things To Do

With an abundance of beaches, spectacular mountain ranges and gorges that spill in the sea, Crete has a galore of places to see or visit. With ruin of the Minoan palace of Knossos to the Venetian fortresses of Rethymo, Crete due to its music, architecture and culture attracts almost quarter of Greece tourism.

Crete is in fact famous for its natural wealth and diverse landscape. Eastern side boosts of Euope’s only palm fringed forest beach where as the Southern side takes pride in its pristine beaches and secluded coves.

•Aquaworld Aquarium: A top attraction for all its wildlife resources, Aquaworld is the first Crete aquarium and this attracts drove of tourists on their Crete holidays. It features local sea life and reptiles from Crete and world over.

•The Palace of Knossos , Heraklion: A great historical site, this palace attracts many tourist by its rustic yet opulent historical architecture. A must visit during Crete holidays.

•Six Senses Spa at Porto Elounda Crete , Elounda: With a galore of spa facilities, this spa has been termed as the best spa in the world. It’s a place to visit during Crete holidays for its settings and spectacular views.

•Loutro , Crete: A beautiful place to visit while on Crete holidays, Loutro offers you the local point of view of Crete besides awesome food and sight seeing.

•Samaria Gorge National Park : A 16 km long walk takes you to all the parts of the park. Crete holidays take a new dimension with a walk here amidst exotic smells and herbs.

•Spinalonga (Kalydon): A fortress built to protect Olous, Kalydon today attracts many tourist for its architecture and historical significance. Crete holidays will be incomplete without a visit to this fort.

•Georgioupolis Beach: Well one of the many beaches of Crete, Georgioupolis is a white sand beach with azure waters. The beach is a nice and a scenic break from active Crete holidays.

•Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos: Visit this aquarium to witness the wildlife with all its diversity. Crete holidays will offer you a lifetime opportunity of watching diverse aquatic life from the closest.

•Lychnostatis Open Air Museum: Though not a very big museum, this open air museum offers a deep insight in the rich history of Crete. An extra Euro will make available the audio guide that will give a nice introduction of Crete and its culture. Crete holidays should ideally start with a visit to this place.

•Arion Stables , Hersonissos: Run by very warm people, this stable houses some of the best bred horses and arrange for trotting tour of the village. An ideal way of feeling the lost world during Crete holidays.

•Ya Bar , Hersonissos: With its Mojitos, drinks and rhythmic music, Ya bar offers all the delights under one roof at a very economical rates. Ya bar is a must visit for Crete holidays.

•Historical Museum of Crete , Heraklion: Representing history from the Byzantine empire to the 2 world wars, this museum will show you the most vivid artefacts and implements. A must visit during your Crete holidays.

•The Venetian Fortezza , Rethymnon: A perfect example of medieval European and Moorish architecture, this fortress offers some spellbinding vistas besides overwhelming with its rich and strong architecture. This fort will put you in between history during your Crete holidays.

•Matrix Club , Hersonissos: With its thumping music and great drinks, Matrix Club is a nice place to visit during Crete holidays

•Idolio , Hersonissos: Spread over two buildings, this museum showcases some rare ancient and modern artworks. With nice classification one can straight away dart towards the area of interest. Another great museum to visit during Crete holidays.

•Royal Mare Thalasso/Spa Centre: With spacious rooms and some what secluded positioning, the spa centre is a serene experience for Crete holidays.

•White Mountains (Lefka Ori): Mountains made up of limestone and emanating white radiance all around the year, White Mountains are a great hiking or walking options during Crete holidays.

•Lassithi Plateau : A scenic drive and a great geological site, Lassithi is rumoured to be the birth place of Zeus as well. It’s a great getaway option during Crete holidays

•Festos: It was a spectacular citadel with a small village enclosed by its fortified walls. Festos is a great historical site to visit during Crete holidays.

•Star Beach Water Park , Hersonissos: If the heat or fatigue gets you, this water world would be the perfect getaway for relaxation and rejuvenation. Crete holidays will retain their charisma after a long invigorating visit to this place.

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