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Crete Eating and Dining

Crete as the rest of Greece has a very diverse demography and culture. This rich cultural diversity has brought many culinary skills together and given rise to an exotic and salubrious assortment of cuisines and delicacies. The distinct Cretan cuisine is famous for its life lengthening qualities and is a unique culinary addition to the assortment.

ZipHolidays suggests the following restaurants to try out during your Crete holidays.

•Mare Monte , Agios Nikolaos: An ideal place to eat your lunch and dinner amidst exceptional compassionate service. It is famous for its very Italian food and generous portions. A great place to eat during Crete holidays

•Symposium , Chania: With its beautiful settings, atmosphere and service, Symposium serves the best menu of food including Greek food, enriching your Crete holidays with exceptional culinary delights.

•Mylos Beach , Chania: This beach bar is run by two brothers who do a phenomenon job at serving drinks and making the guest feel at home. An ideal bar to drink during Crete holidays

•Kariatis , Chania: Think of Italian food and go no further, Kariatis serves the best Italian food with consistency. A good restaurant to break the monotony of Greek food during Crete holidays.

•Lotus Eaters , Elounda: With splendid sea-views and warm service, this restaurant serves some of the very best of food in Crete and will surely enrich your eating experience during Crete holidays.

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