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Crete Holidays

Cret holidays with ZipHolidays become even more joyous because of the pre-hand information that we have collated for your quick reference. Don’t forget to drop a peep at the important facts to brush yourself with facts of the land. We have also collated important attractions, hotels and restaurants for you to pick and enjoy your holidays to Crete.

So with ZipHolidays you not only pick the best Crete holidays package but also garner enough information to chalk out a nice itinerary.

Being the centre of Minioan civilisation, the oldest Greek civilisation, it houses most of the monuments and historical fortresses of the bygone era and is a major economical contributor to holidays in Greece. Its rich cultural heritage speaks in volume about its orientation and Cretans take pride in local music, dialect and food. Cretans identify themselves as Greeks and contribute significantly in the growth of Greece.

Crete exchanged hands from Byzantine emperors to Iberian Muslims to Venetians. Under Venetian Christians, Crete was fortified further and was identified as the best fortified city of the eastern Mediterranean and lies to the east of Sardinia, which is a part of Italy. This diversity of possession is evident in the numerable architectural splendours and traditions.

Terrain, Demography and language

With an area of 8,336 square km and elongated shape, Crete has a coast line of 1046 kms. It is 160 km from the Greece mainland.Crete is famous for its natural beauty and diverse topography. Spectacular mountains are averaged by deep gorges spilling into seas. The expansive rugged interiors are further balanced out by intermittent fertile plains and vast plateaus and plains. So over all one can laze around at the beaches, go hiking or trekking on the White Mountains or simply visit the numerous forts, castles or museums of the plains during their Crete holidays.

With a population of 623,666 in 2005, the demography is slightly varied with Orthodox Christians in a huge number besides Jews and Muslims adding up to very small numbers. Cretan Greek is the language used by the Cretans which is a slight variation of the original Greek.

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