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Costa Rica Restaurants and dining

Traditional food of Costa Rica is not very popular, but it is not a disappointment as well. Popular dishes and food bear European influences, especially the Spanish, as the place was inhabited by settlers that brought Spain’s culinary delights to Costa Rica. The food is typically Creole, with minor difference as the excessive consumption and use of seafood, vegetables and fruits.

So far as restaurants are concerned, the best ones are located near city-centre, at San Jose. Some noted restaurants of Costa Rica are:

Ginger Bread: Located in Lake Arenal. Serves innovative dishes and desserts. Specialty-wild mushrooms and chocolate cake.

Ana: Located at Paseo Colon. Serves Italian food and seafood delicacies. Specialty – Pasta and shrimps.

Lubna: Located in Paseo Colon. Serves Lebanese food. Specialty – Lamb Shishkebab, Lebanese Coffee.

Bakea: Located in San Jose. Serves traditional food, Asian and Middle East cuisines. Specialty – Red Tuna, Caramelo.

El Gran Escape: Located near Manuel Antonio National Park. Serves seafood. Specialty – Chowder, fresh fish.

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